Our Team

Our Team 2017-12-11T08:00:32+00:00

The heart of Cascadia is our people. Those we serve, our co-workers, and our community partners.

Together we are focused on efficiency, committed to diversity and grounded in compassion.

We are consumers, counselors, accountants, case managers, nurses, administrative support workers, doctors, and the full complement of all the people needed to bring results. For many of us this is not just a job, it’s a calling.

Derald Walker, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Jeffrey Eisen, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Beth Epps, M.Ed.

Chief Clinical Officer

Brandon Gatke, EMBA

Chief Information Officer

Janice K. Jacobs, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Jim Hlava, LCSW
Vice President of Housing

Dave Kohler, MSW
Clinical Officer

Eric Sevos, LCSW
Clinical Officer

Frederick Staten, Ph.D.
Quality Officer

John Duke, MBA
Clinical Officer

Alana Silverman, BA
Senior Director of Human Resources

Ashleigh Flynn
Senior Director of Grants and RFPs

Dawn Coleman, JD
Senior Director of Residential

Liora Berry, MPA
Senior Director of Homeless Services

Renee Boak, MPH, CADC I
Senior Director of Integrated Health Services

Deniz Conger, MPA, MPP, CFRE
Senior Director of Philanthropy

Kas Robinson, Ph.D.
Senior Director of PSRB and Emergency Services

Margaret Jonsson, MBA
Senior Director of Housing Development & Management

Meghan Caughey, MA
Senior Director of Peer Wellness Services

Sarah C. Coleman, QMHP, CADC I
Senior Director of Health Centers

Sandra Wilborn, MS
Senior Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion