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Conversation on Aging: Topics

VIEWS (Volunteers Involved for the Emotional Well-being of Seniors) offer FREE facilitated Conversation Groups, approximately 90 minutes long, on topics important to people 60 years and above. The interactive Conversations provide a forum for discussion as well as an opportunity to explore new possibilities and resources.

  • Bridging Life Transitions
    Everyone’s life includes transitions. As older adults, we want to manage these transitions effectively while remaining as independent as possible. Explore ways to cope with change using a lifetime of strengths and learned skills
  • Engaging with Adult Children
    Relationships with children change as we age. Examine current problems and foster greater understanding between generations. Be part of a discussion about relationships with adult children. Talk about some of your concerns.
  • Forgetfulness: Where Did I Put My Glasses?
    Do you find yourself spending a lot of time looking for things like your glasses or your keys? Do you ever struggle to find a thought or word that’s “right on the tip of your tongue?” While these situations may be concerning, they may just be a normal part of aging. Come join others in a lively discussion about your experiences and share ideas about ways to strengthen memory as well as how to cope with forgetfulness.
  • Giving Up the Keys
    We are familiar with the joys that driving has brought us, but how does it feel when it’s time to give up your keys? Whether you have already stopped driving, or are just beginning to think about it, come and share your feelings and concerns with others. Explore ways to cope with the changes that come with giving up driving. Exchange ideas and resources. See how helpful a discussion with peers can be.
  • Holiday Wellness
    The Holidays are meant to be a time of joy and sharing. As our lives change over the years, our holiday experiences may not always live up to our expectations. Join us to identify what is important to you about the holidays and explore ways to bring those things into your celebrations this year. Reduce stress and focus on the things that bring meaning and joy.
  • Learning from Grief and Loss
    As we age, we experience losses of many types. Grief may become a more common experience. Your healing takes as long as it takes. Learn from others and yourself how to find your own unique path through grief.
  • New Wisdom /Life Lessons
    Along with the challenges that frequently accompany the aging process, increasing wisdom is an outcome as well. Join us for a Conversation about the wisdom you have developed over the years, and share with others what you have learned “the hard way.” Talk with your peers about the lessons you’ve learned in your lifetime and the legacy of wisdom you might like to pass on.
  • Staying Engaged in Life
    Ever had “the blues” or been “down in the dumps?” What is the difference between sadness, depression and grief? Learn from others and yourself how to help make the “dark” days a little brighter.
  •  Talking with Your Doctor
    Have you ever been anxious or frustrated by a doctor’s visit in which your needs were not met? Are you in charge of your health care? Let’s talk about what it would take to feel that you and your doctor are part of the same team.
  • The Elder Journey
    What new perspectives have you formed through your life? What brings meaning and purpose to you now? Come and join us for a thoughtful discussion about the new roles that appear for you as you enter this next stage of life.
  • Who Am I Now?
    Our roles and responsibilities change throughout life, as we take on new roles and give up others. What opportunities do you have now, that you’ve not had before? What surprises you about being this age? Explore and share the roles that you’ve had over your lifetime and who you are now.
  • Who Will Get My Stuff?
    We live in a culture where, for many, considering end-of-life realities is an overwhelming challenge and easily set aside. This VIEWS Conversation does not provide legal advice, but instead offers a safe environment to explore and share feelings, fears, and thoughts that surround making plans and asking questions about end-of-life decisions.
PDF of VIEWS COA Conversation Topics