Healing Hurt People

Healing Hurt People Portland (HHP) serves males of color, ages 10 to 25 years, who have experienced an intentional trauma such as gunshot or stab wounds. The goal of the program is to reduce retaliatory violence. While in the emergency room at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center a multi-displinary team (social worker, doctor and other support) begins to address the trauma and find ways to connect the victim to resources to include, but not limited to emotional support, family support, housing, medical follow-up, substance abuse treatment, legal and educational support. HHP employs a trauma-informed approach (read more about the HHP model), which takes into account the adversity that clients have experienced over their life course and recognizes that addressing this trauma is critical to breaking the cycle of violence.

The Portland, Oregon HHP is a partnership between Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center (large Level I trauma center in Portland, OR), and Garlington Center (a Cascadia clinic with culturally specific care). It would not be possible without these partnerships and help from our fabulous Advisory Council.

For more information call 503-889-2515.

All referrals to HHP Portland come through Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. View a flow chart of the client referral process.

Thank you to Healing Hurt People Philadelphia for helping us to develop Portland’s program, and Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for being our partner. And a big thanks for financial support from CareOregon, United Way of Portland, and Open Meadow High School Community 101 group.